Places To Visit On Moscow Tours To Russia

The tourist will discover numerous vibrant destinations in Russia, although none could be quite as classically Russian as Moscow. There’s no doubt that, no tours to Russia would be complete without a visit to the Capital.


Moscow Attractions:

Red Square – This Royal City Square is what divides the Kremlin from the (once) royal citadel.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – This historic Cathedral has been an important Russian structure since the 14th Century. The Cathedral was once the tallest structure in Russia, until the Ivan the Great Bell Tower was constructed in 1600. For visitors with an interest in Churches and Cathedrals, the Kazan Cathedral is further worth a trip.

The Russia tourism website has some interesting information for visiting this amazing land:

The Bolshoi Theater – Opened in 1825, the Bolshoi Theater is a historic institution in Moscow and was designed by Joseph Bové.

Kremlin – Squatting upon the Moskva River to the south, the Kremlin is a place that goes hand in hand with Moscow, and has seen some monumental historic events come about inside.

Gorky Park – a widely celebrated leisure and amusement park in the Capital, offering gardens, cafes, a theater and a skating rink.

Holy Danilov Monastery – The Holy Danilov Monastery is located on the right bank of the River Moskva. Another important Monastery within Moscow is the Donskoy, which was built in 1591.

EuropeToo are a popular tour operator for Russia tours. They additionally offer tours to London and many European destinations. A number of tours to Russia include the Russian Trio where you can experience Moscow, Novgorod and St. Petersburg, and the Moscow Classic City package.


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